“I imagine, therefore I am”.

Passion-driven and constantly expanding my horizons, I embody the phrase “I imagine, therefore I am” as the foundation of my professional identity. With a profound love for design and architecture, I consider myself fortunate to have been born in Rome, a city that nurtured my innate creativity.

I completed my education in Industrial Design at ‘La Sapienza’ University, where I honed my skills. Seeking to broaden my expertise, I pursued specialization in Vessel & Yacht Design at the University of Genova. This comprehensive education provided me with a solid foundation for my career.

Throughout my professional journey, I have traversed diverse landscapes, both geographically and creatively. Collaborating with esteemed studios and designers in the realms of industrial, interior, and yacht design across various countries, I have amassed invaluable experiences. These ventures have not only equipped me with the necessary tools to bring intangible ideas to life but have also instilled in me a deep appreciation for the importance of heritage, environment, and cultural context in shaping meaningful designs.

As an avid learner, I firmly believe that growth knows no bounds. Embracing this ethos, I am prepared for a fresh and mutually beneficial exchange of experiences, eager to contribute to new projects and further develop my expertise.”