Forest House

Sydney Design Award, 2020 Gold medalist

Located on approximately 1800sqm of land in a northern Sydney suburb this residential project is defined by 1200sqm of protected Sydney Turpentine Ironbark Forest in which it is sited.

The spaces fall into a private and a public pavilion separated by a courtyard, which will form an all year round dining area. Each pavilion is crowned with a pod – one as a self-contained, separate access, design studio, and one as a games and music room.

Every cue in the building is taken from the existing environment and the house is designed with integrated landscaping, including a roof garden, so that the bulk of the built form will eventually be absorbed back into the forest. The great majority of existing trees are to remain, and indigenous planting will be used to encourage native animals to make their home within the property. Stormwater will be harvested and used to maintain the garden.


The external wall will be clad in sandstock brick to blend in with the surrounds. As the house is in a designated fire zone the material mix responds to practical requirements, for example, the extensive use of glass brick to provide a light and bright interior while providing the FZ fire rating required due to the location of the house“

Designed in collaboration with Felice Carlino

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